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Artist Biography  

Laszlo TarBorn in 1922 in the county of Szabolcs, Hungary, Laszlo Tar began to draw and paint his world at the early age of five (1927). He was formally educated at the Budapest Academy of Fine Arts (1943-1948) under Hungarian master Hungary Szőnyi István. In 1946, his studies carried him to Bologna, Italy where he became an apprentice of Italian master Giorgio Morandi. From 1953 to 1956 he worked with master Szőnyi  in the master's studio. He gave his first one-man show in 1955, in Budapest, and his success afforded him the opportunity to earn a good living selling his work to collectors, publishers and the local government. In 1956, he escaped with his family from Hungary to Austria, by foot, during the Hungarian revolt against communism. With the assistance of The American Red Cross, he emigrated to the United States with his family (1956 - Camp Kilmer, New Jersey), settling finally in New York City, in 1957. He continued his work with American master Raphael Soyer, at The New School, in New York City. Throughout the next four decades, he passionately focused on his painting, drawing and woodcuts, while working for periods in the New York textile industry (WestPoint Pepperell, F. Schumacher & Co.). From 1971 to 1977 he attended the New York Art Student League and participated in numerous "Washington Square Park Outdoor Art Show" exhibits as well as small group shows on Long Island. In 1977 (and in 1995) he traveled to England, France, Italy and Holland on major personal art works projects. In 1989, he participated in a major four person show, in Budapest, Hungary at the Budapest Galeria. During 1991, he had numerous one-person shows throughout Hungary, sponsored by noted dignitaries (Dr. Bozsony Ferenc - Zebegeny Galeria, Dr. Banszki Istvan - Nyiregyhazi Varosi Galeria). In 1994, Tar's work and life is written about in a Hungarian short novel - "Én Még Láttam a Kikötöt" - Eigel István - Magyar Irokamara. In 1995, TIS PublishingT was founded by his son (Julius) to further promote his fine art through the development of fine limited edition prints and numerous Internet-based art galleries (, to display his art portfolio. In 1996, 1997, 1999, 2001 and 2004 Tar's artwork was selected and licensed by General Electric Corporation, Simon & Schuster / Prentice Hall, CityMeals on Wheels for inclusion in corporate, educational and charity publishing projects. In 1997 and 1998, Tar's work was formally introduced to the limited editions print market at ArtExpo, New York City. In 2000, Laszlo Tar was personally invited to exhibit at the New York Consulate of the Republic of Hungary by the Hungarian ambassador to the United States, Dr. Laszlo Molnar. In 2001, he exhibited at the Huntington Arts Counsel "Art in the Atrium" exhibit (Huntington, New York). His biography appears in the "Who's Who in America" and "The Artist's Blue Book". and today, Laszlo Tar's watercolor paintings and drawings are part of the permanent collections of the Budapest Museum of Fine Art and the Municipal Museum in Rome. His artwork is collected, admired and sought after throughout the world.

Laszlo Tar peacefully passed away in 2019, at age 97. His final work of art was completed in 2017. This art gallery is family owned and operated.


An Introduction to the Art of Laszlo Tar

Laszlo Tar's creative collection today amounts to over 6,000 original works, mostly on paper. His creations include watercolors, oils, drawings and woodcuts. Much of his subject matter deals with human life and existence in New York City, where he has lived for most of his life. In particular, his landscape paintings, India ink drawings and woodcuts offer a unique, nostalgic and highly expressive view of metropolitan life that is rich in emotion. His collection also includes a massive portfolio of flower paintings that are incredibly decorative and colorfully unique. And his paintings of Europe and Long Island, New York are simply breathtaking.

The very first thing one notices about Laszlo Tar’s art, both in his watercolors and oils, is the incredible freshness of his palette, as he magically captures moods with color and wonderful composition. Turning to his India ink and oil pastel drawings and further to his woodcuts, the focus is completely shifted to a careful cross-examination of the social setting, depicted with an intense sense of personal involvement. His watercolors, oils, drawings and woodcuts, together, reveal an unceasing striving for perfection of expression. As a life-long artist, Laszlo Tar has compiled an impressive collection of work that is as diverse as it is large. He has experimented with a wide variety of techniques and media not as a dilettante, but as a master craftsman with a burning desire to employ in his work the widest possible range of expression. Invariably, whether in his paintings or his graphic work, he always pursues the same ideals. Tar's work is significantly influenced by life in America. Yet his style is distinctly European, resulting in a rich palette mix that is fresh, very painterly and genuinely his own. Tar does not aim to capture detailed realism in the basic sense, and indeed he goes beyond the sensibilities of typical impressionism. His scenes are always recognizable, but there is ample room for the viewer's mind to explore and learn -- so that he or she too become part of the original inspiring moment. This incredible connection with the viewer grows with each new study of his work, bringing a reward that is inherent with the art of great masters. His work and his person reveal extraordinary reflection and interpretation of his emotions and life-spirit, combined with the world that he sees and feels at the moment. His personal charm, respect and love of life are undeniable elements of greatness in his works of art. There is indeed no gimmicks, no artifice -- just pure, exquisite fine art.

"My most compelling desire is to make my intentions clear; to express my innermost beliefs and feelings and to expose the subjective part of me. It is a marriage of eye and decision."  -- Laszlo Tar



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