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Laszlo Tar - Artist's StudioWelcome to my special place. This is my art studio. My place of creativity and in many ways, my place of worship.

If you have already visited the gallery, you have probably noted that I prefer to create my original art on location. I believe that my art needs to be a direct interpretation of not only what I see at the moment, but also what I am feeling in the environment where I work -- the air, the sun, people, humanity, nature all together, Laszlo Tar - creation on locationcomplete. I also mix in my inner thoughts and impressions. Rarely will I make major adjustments to my work after the initial creation. The watercolor medium inherently makes that difficult in any case, which is one of the reasons why I love it and feel it is the perfect creative painting method. I have practiced this philosophy throughout my life.

Laszlo Tar - still-lifes in progressThe only work that I create and completed in my studio is my still-lifes. As you can tell, I love painting flowers tremendously. There is something quite magical yet so natural about them -- all of nature rapped up in a tight little package, so powerfully colorful and competitively contrasting, yet so delicate and harmonizing.

So what's it like in my studio? Well, it's probably about what you would expect. It is a secluded room with a simple easel panel, paint palettes, works completed and those in progress all around me. I do what little work is required to complete my landscape pieces, and the still-lifes that I create, in my studio. Here, in the midst of my collection of art and favorite art books and in the ready company of my wife, Olga, I am at peace with my work and myself. Occasionally, I will listen to soft music when I work, but I need very little to enter my artistic state of mind -- I am there always!

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