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Projects...Laszlo Tar's artwork is available for licensing, for use with your fine publishing project. If you have a fine publication that requires artwork (like a book, magazine, calendar, record cover, greeting card or annual report), and you find a piece of Laszlo Tar's art that you think would make a nice addition, contact us by email at, voice telephone or (631) 223-2700. Be sure to include the exact name and catalog number of the piece that you are interested in licensing and we will let you know if it is available.

A one-time licensing agreement is offered
with a flat nominal usage fee.

Our past licensing projects include book covers, corporate calendars, CD sleeves, greeting cards, annual reports with companies such as General Electric Corporation, Simon & Schuster / Prentice Hall, ADI Corp, Southwest Greetings, Pearson Education, Doghouse Records (, Citymeals-on-Wheels and many more.

We offer a wide variety of photographic and digital formats to meet your most demanding project requirements!


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