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Here are just a few of the thousands of responses that customers and visitors have sent us regarding the art of Laszlo Tar and the art gallery. If you have something interesting and unique to share about Laszlo Tar's work or our gallery, please let us know by signing our Guest Book -- or send a message directly to

E. Fais
Mountain View,

I just received the artwork that I ordered - The Carriage.
The quality of the piece is impeccable, the highest quality!
I guess you can classify that as better than expected. :-)

I am blown away by your professionalism and attention to details, not to mention your concern over customer satisfaction. I received lots of documentation with my order, which delighted me to no end. Little touches like that make all the difference. I will most definitely be a returning customer!

I came back from my "first trip" to New York city and wanted a reminder of my carriage ride through Central Park. I was thrilled to be able to find an established local artist I could patronize. It makes the piece that much more meaningful to me.

Thank you again.

J. McDonough
New York

I just received the print I ordered from you,
called The Harbor.  It was a pleasure doing business with you.  Your website is wonderful.  Your e-mails assured me that my order was received and shipped and allowed me to track my package.  The print is exquisite and was so
thoughtfully and carefully packed and shipped.  I also appreciate all the information about your other works of art that were included.

I purchased the print as a birthday present for my cousin, who was born and grew up in Huntington, NY.  In the early 70's she moved to San Francisco but her heart remains in Huntington, among the beaches and harbors where she grew up.  She actually lived quite close to Gold Star Beach, which is the scene of the print I ordered.  She is very familiar with this area of Huntington.  When I ship the print to her in April, I think it will be a great surprise and I'm
sure it will conjure up happy memories from her childhood.  As lovely as the print looked on the website, it's just spectacular in person. 

Thank you again, very much.

D. Smith

The quality of The BoatHouse print we purchased is wonderful. The customer service, was the best of the purchase. I was concerned with the watermark that is visable on this print, so I called your gallery. Mr. Tar gave me a detailed explanation, and even sent me an e-mail about the topic, after my call. Thank you for this information. I was also impressed when I called, as I gave only my name, and you knew the print I had ordered without hesitation. Living in Colorado, and ordering on-line, there is a concern that this will be just another nameless purchase. But I felt as though I mattered as a customer. Thank you for your personal touch across cyberspace! This was a purchase for a gift, and I am thoroughly impressed with the art. I know they will love it, as it is a painting of a very special place for them. I love watercolor, as it only adds to the memory in a very special way. You also
included information about the artist, which was very interesting, and information about framing which was very helpful. Thank you for your attention to detail for your customers.

With sincere thanks,

Mr. & Mrs. Smith: proud owners of "The Boathouse"


G. Brunt
New Oxford,

Your service is very impressive. We love the print that we ordered. Brooklyn Front is a gift for our uncle, who grew up there. He actually found your gallery and showed us. We have never ordered art from the Internet, so your very caring service and trustworthy delivery - to say nothing of the quality of your art - is something we are already raving about. Thank you. We'll definitely be back!


J. Mark

Our framed artwork, Winter Afternoon, arrived yesterday as planned. It arrived in perfect shape and is absolutely beautiful! We simply love it. It is actually a wedding gift for my brother and his fiance as they were engaged in NYC. However, we love it so much, we would like to order one for ourselves sometime soon. I simply can't think of a better gift to give someone! I was also very impressed with your service--very prompt, courteous, informative and reliable! Thanks for taking great care in all you do. We are very happy with our experience, and thanks for providing such beautiful art!


L. Bell
Mount Pleasant,
South Carolina

You were fantastic! We had a problem on the computer where the transaction would not go through and we could not wait because it was a wedding present to a bride and groom from her bridesmaids ( yes, we waited until the last minute!). We needed The BoatHouse print overnight, and we could not wait to see what the problem was with the computer. We called you for help and everything was taken care of. We received the print the very next day! Thank you very much! If we need anymore prints that you have we will not hesitate to contact you! -- And we have already started telling friends.


A. L.
Southbury, Connecticut

We recieved our package on time and was very pleased with the contents. The two "Washington Square Park" prints more than exceeded our expectations!! It is a graduation gift for our son and we know he will treasure it for many years to come. The "Flowers" print colors are wonderful and will hang in our home for our memory of this special time for our family. Thanks so much


J. Burmeister
Springfield, Illinois

I am originally from Brooklyn, New York. My aunt, Edith ( Turner) Post, also took classes from Raphael Soyer. I wondered if Mr. Tar might have known her. Your work is wonderful and brings back many glorious memories of my birthplace. My grandparents lived in the Washington Square Apartments. Your paintings are lovely!


N. Scalfarotto
East Windsor, New Jersey
Thank you for your continued follow-up. It is this type of service to the customer that will ensure satisfaction and retain clients.

The prints that we ordered are special to us. Our family is originally from Venice coming to the city during the middle ages from a town in the preAlps called Cison di Val Marino on the Strada del Vino Bianco (an idilyc place in the floor of a valley surrounded by hills covered with vinyards and dotted with lakes). The family migrated to Venice as a result of the city's depopulation caused by the plague. Our ancestors were part of the so called middle class (Albo D'Argento) were all educated (engineers, architects, etc.) and maintained documented involvement in the development of the Republic. One of those ancestors, Giovanni Scalfarotto, was the architect who designed, in 1739, San Simeone il Piccolo depicted in one of Mr. Tar's prints. Giovanni and members of his "school" designed and built a number of structures in the city and on the mainland including churches, villas and public buildings like the Arsenale where the city's munitions and other military equipment were kept.

Our last name was a nick name referring to a type of slipper worn in the house. To this day a "scalfarot", in Venetian dialect, refers to footware and, if requested in some bars, will result in your receiving a beer in a glass shaped boot (I witnessed this myself). We think, based on extensive research conducted by my uncle and father (fortunately the Republic kept meticulous records) that our family emigrated from the Baltic countries in the far distant past and pobably had a name that was difficult pronounce.

I wanted to share these stories because they tend to help to bring what is on a canvas to life.


J. Ambrosio
New York

We really appreciate the great service and absolutely your father's beautiful art. The Long Island print that we purchased will add something special to our family room. Thank you!

S. Cohen
New Jersey

Wow! The two Hoboken prints that we received are so incredible and unique. They are so much better than the images on your website. We'll definitely be back to visit in the future.

P. Harris
New Jersey
Dear Mr. Tar,

I just received the prints. They're wonderful and as I expected, beautiful!

Please let your father know that my husband and I are so happy with this wonderful art. It will add to the warmth and charm of our home for years to come.

D. Laszlo-Petrovics
New Zealand

Viewing your work is such a pleasure !!! Amazing. Thankyou

I. Kopacz
Kisvarda, Hungary
Tisztelt Tar Úr !
É lmény megismerni a világot az ön mûvészetén keresztül.

Egy csodálója.

S. A. Paul
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
I am so in awe of such God given talent, that is wonderfully expressed that many others can enjoy and appreciate it. Bless you always, and keep painting. I probably will check this site every week. I love art, and revere others talents.
P. L. Marchany
Puerto Rico
Congratulations. Keep the good work by following your fathers steps. I am an artist in Puerto Rico and I am please to know that I can find fine art on the net.
G. Falvai
Lake Havasu, Arizona

Laszlo Tar is a wonderful artist. He is talking to me through his art. Central Park is nature's wonder. I wish that I could see it in life, but it is impossible. So, I enjoy every moment of it on the screen. Thank you for providing this beauty to us.

J. Gaylord

Have eclectic taste in art.

K. Lohman
North Carolina

Thank you for the timely delivery of the "Washington Square Park" print. I am very pleased with the quality of the print and the manner in which you have kept me informed about the status of my order. The artwork greatly exceeds my expectations, as the colors of the print are more vibrant than what is shown on the Internet.

W. De Perio

Like the works and tips. The (How-To) caring for artworks section are informative and helpful to art collectors.

A. Stein

We purchased "Washington Square Park" and "Skaters" and sent them out to get framed immediately. These fabulous prints now sit in our living room. Some time ago we lived in New York and your art has not only brought back those many happy memories, but the quality of the work is really amazing and quite magnificant!

Thank you for your great service and your great art!

D. Berger


Dear Mr. Tar,

The beautiful print, Canale Grande, is exquisite and definitely brings back some very fond memories of a trip to Europe our whole family took some 19 years ago. I know my sister will love receiving this gift and displaying it in her home.

I'm so glad I "happened upon your website" when I did a search for artwork of Venice. Now I want more - Paris, New York City .....hopefully an original when my stock portfolio recovers 8> ).

Again, thank you for your excellent service and communication. I have never seen anything like it - anywhere. If you ever need to convince a prospective
customer about the level of service you provide, the beauty of your father's artwork, or the incredible value for the prints, please let me know.

I wish you and your family well and much continued success.

C. Marshall
New Jersey

Thank you for a wonderful tour and your words. I love your art.


P. Mergo


Love the use of colors!


D. Evans
United Kingdom

I looked in the site to see the woodcuts and enjoyed them very much, however, I also looked at all the watercolours and was very pleased that I did.
Two of my favourite artists are Raoul Dufy and John Marin, I find elements of their calligraphic work shared by Laszlo Tar especially in the Long Island and Boat sections. Thanks for a very enjoyable couple of days.


A. Rigas

So beautiful! All the paintings...I had time, I looked at all of them, I particularly like the ones of Venice and all the flowers, so gorgeous. Mr. Tar is a huge talent, an immense talent, his paintings are so happy, so warm..........thank you for posting these beautiful works. You are right and good to do so! They are very pretty for the eye, to look upon!


S. Morgan
Simply wonderful work! I am amazed at the colors and the unique style of your work. My personal compliments to the Master!

K. Szavolyai
Keep up the good work!

L. Bulkeley
San Jose,
Simply wonderful! I am moved by Tar's style and scene selection. His ability to pick colors and strokes is truly masterful. A pleasure to visit. I'll be back!
M. Gibson
Thank you for this fantastic site. Is this all by one artist? It is truly amazing! I am especially moved by the New York scenes. Please let me know if there is ever a gallery exhibit in the northeast!
A. Franklin
This is Wonderful art! I'm truly amazed and astonished. Although this was my first encounter, it will by no means be my last!   Your work spellbinds me!  Alas, I think of myself as an artist but in light of what I've seen in here, I may re-evaluate myself.  To put down the brush? Never!   But thank you for what you do! Keep it up for the sake of all your fans.
W. Ragab
I am so impressed by those paintings! So beautiful, & full of life. Thanks for making my days brighter!
J. Levine
I fell upon Laszlo Tar's internet art gallery quite by accident and decided to take a minute to browse. I was simply awe-struck by the volume and diversity of his work. One of my favorites is "The Sleigh". I have spent literally hours looking at this piece. It brings me back to memories of my youth, when my parents would often take me to the park, along with our dog, to play in the snow. I loved that time.
J. Beck
I grew up in the midwest but lived for a while in New York City when I was younger, seeking my artistic fortune and fame. I did a little bit of watercolor painting and sketching and wandered around the city keeping notebooks and jotting down ideas. I look at Laszlo Tar's images of New York and I am immediately transported back to my youthful yearnings. He captures the flavor of the sixty's and seventies in his street scenes - especially "Our Street". He's got the sky just right - there is something rounded and unique in the lighting of the eastern sky - at least that's always how it felt to me - the sky had a definite softening effect - while traffic and commerce went on all around one. This picture captures the New York that I came to love in the early seventies.
M. Protzman
I first saw Tar's "Washington Square Park" two years ago, quite by accident. The following describes how I felt then and still feel now each time I see it.

It is one of those Spring days when the world seems new as the cool chill of winter bids its final farewell. The fat clouds devour the deep blue sky and magnify the brilliant green leaves on the trees, beckoning people to come out and welcome the new season and share in the glorious way they feel about life.

W. Setten
I'd never heard of Tar before coming upon this site. He uses such lovely colors in his work. I particularly like his Venetian pieces. They capture my memories of honeymooning in Venice some years ago. I loved the gentleness of Venice and Tar's use of muted tones is Venice! I'm wowed by his early works too. "Grazing" is such a great mood piece.
D. Schatz
San Jose,
Upon first sight of Mr. Tar's art I was immediately impressed with his beautiful use of color and masterful brushstrokes. His perceptions wonderfully capture the environment and feeling of the scene he has painted. I find some of his New York scenes quite striking in this way, particularly those of Central Park and Washington Square.
M. Songer
I like Laszlo Tar's art because he takes the good and the beautiful from life and nature, then transfers it so faithfully to canvas. Ever since I came on to the Internet, I have spent hours looking at the paintings. They lift my spirits!
K. L. Struve
I must say that Laszlo Tar's Venice collection is truly lovely! I opened each and every one. I wish that I could own a few, if not all!
A. Wyss
Laszlo Tar takes you from the moody city winter scenes to the colorful french countryside, to a stunning portrait of his daughter. I have been to his website many times and I always find a new favorite!



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